Sunday, July 26, 2009

Apple iPhone Dominates Mobile Web Usage

Almost many of the web users’ choice of platform are Apples’ iPhone and iPod Touch, but the Google backed Android is picking up steam, according to data form Admob.

In the month of June the Mobile Metrics report, Admob analyzed what handsets and operating systems were used for mobile data. As the report describes about the web sites and its applications not the comprehensive news, thus the Admob’s gives in depth of web usage. In U.S 43% of devices are occupied by Apple’s mobile platform, and the report also given 45 million iPhone and iPod Touch users. Now Apple has taken charge at china to make popularity of its products. AdMob said request from the Linux-based OS increased 25% month over month, and its worldwide share surpassed windows mobile for the first time. There is always a big competition between the Microsoft Mobile OS has it still far larger installed base than Google’s OS. Android’s quick gain in market share can be make them to release of more handsets, which includes smartphone and Samsung. So this makes the competitors to have a keen eye to develop more products with latest technology.


  1. It's the best article about the iPod new features I ever read , Thanks a lot; I also found this on this Gadgets Website they say some good tips about how to improve your iPod performance.

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  3. ipod..i heard that they launch newest model and very tiny...

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