Saturday, August 1, 2009

RIM Releases Developer Tool for Blackberry

As an easier for developer to create web applications for Blackberry smart phones, RIM (Research in Motion) has released Tools in multiple and programming interfaces that are aimed at making easy. The content creators will also be benefited with the Eclipse 3.4 environment as the company released plug-in for Eclipse, Blackberry.

The software developers can also test and debug Blackberry programs used in HTML, CSS, AJAX, Silver light, Ruby on Rails.
Visual Studio developers who feel comfortable with the Microsoft environment make use of it, as the company released similar plug-in for Visual Studio version 1.2. The developers can also have advantage of Rim’s real time push technology as using APIs. The company also interested to bring the Java and web development together for the creation of web applications integrated with core Blackberry smart phone.

As the number of users increases with the mobile applications each day and the company also planning for huge variety of application integrating with mobile and web applications. Palm has been aggressive with its Web OS platform. This also helps the developers to create content for the Pre using standard web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


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