Friday, July 10, 2009

Sprint expected to be enable with Wi-Fi in future BlackBerrys

Sprint expected to be enable with Wi-Fi in future BlackBerrys

It is expected to be embedded with Wi-Fi in the future for all Sprint Nextel smartphones, also includes upcoming BlackBerry handsets. It does have 3G connection speed, robust processor, strong mobile e-mail capabilities, and Bluetooth.

The company is poised to launch the BlackBerry Tour Sunday, as an initial iteration many of the mobile professionals may miss the lack of Wi-Fi in the phone.

The name brand defines Tour to be a dual –mode device, which means it can use Sprint’s CDMA network towards United States, as well as GSM networks abroad.

The cost of Handset is $199 with two-year contract; it includes all the features as like BlackBerry i.e. E-mail, Calendar and web based services like Gmail,Yahoo mail and others.

Sprint has not given the date to be set its smartphones suppliers with Wi-Fi, but expected to be release version of the Tour with Wi-Fi in 2010.

Sprint does have multiple smartphones with integrated Wi-Fi including Palm Pre and Touch Diamond. AT&T has invested in Wi-Fi infrastructure and gives its iPhone and BlackBerry users free access to hotspots at Four Seasons, McDonalds and other public venues

Let the Smartphones users wait for the day of release to buy and use it features.

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