Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happiest news for Cell Phones Buyers as made by Amazon

Amazon has taken a interest in the cell phone market, as many electronic retailer started as well running with website to know more details on the various categories of cell phones launched and the price, configuration details of it. This has made easier for the buyer to find details on what kind of cell phones they like to buy, so they can come to know the details as remote by login to website provided by the electronic retailers.

As to over come these cell phone retailers, here Amazon launched a new website to make them more competitive in the market also to make popular about the cell phone products they deal . Amazon website is in beta version and it offers more than 120 phones from AT&T including the Blackberry, Storm and the LG Dare. As the website said “coming soon” for Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile, It also offering free two-day shipping on all phones, activation free for some of the cell phones.

So this is must be the great news for cell phones buyers. Login to Amazon website and find your self gorgeous from other cell phone website

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